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About Us

Our Story

Merch Monster is a simple “all-in-one” marketing solution for any business or branding needs.  Two of the owners have 5 years experience in merchandise and the other owner has 10 years experience producing/directing video.  One day they all met and the idea to create a full marketing solution under one roof was born.  By focusing on our client’s vision, utilizing our experience, and staying current on industry research we aim to develop unique marketing strategies that establish a polished professional look to the end consumer.


We seek to maximize sales/awareness of brands through use of:

Customized Apparel

Promotional Products

Viral Videos

Logo/Web Design


Our founding team is composed of 3 young business college graduates with fresh new ideas to make your brand stand out. By combining our individual experiences in merchandise & media under one roof we are able to fulfill all of our clients marketing needs.

Bryan Dillard

Founder / Head of Media

Travers Robertson

Founder / IT / Finance

Kevin O'Connell

Founder / Head of Merch / Design